NDSM -free backgrounds area

Today I have had a long awaited photoshoot at NDSM eiland in Amsterdam. Area that I discovered way before it became a tourist attraction. When “Kantine” was the only place to get a drink or food. This time I made an appointment with dj Carlito to get some shots for his promo materials. In the morning we crossed Amstel river with the ferry and then we both realised that it was way to early to take pictures. Instead we decided to have a breakfast. NDSM has now some cosy bars all around the area but we wanted to test food at the PLLEK. Carlito visited this place already the other night as his friend Graham B is a resident dj there. But it was also his first time to eat there.

I immediately liked the place. A visit card of NDSM: raw interior  (characteristic for the whole area), healthy food and very friendly staff.

Food didn’t disappoint me either. We had a nice plate of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and fresh green salad. And a thee with the fresh mint. Mmmm…Carlito found their bread delicious. Delicious enough to steal some from my plate ;-)

Our shoot went very smooth, we know each other for many years and that makes it all much easier. We found interesting backgrounds and places. Results you can check already at his Facebook profile (look up: Carlos Vigelandzoon). He has planned to put one profile photo a week for coming 8 weeks to showcase the results of our cooperation.

One more thing that I need to say: NDSM eiland looks to me like a free backgrounds area. It attracts a load of photographers ; every day you meet people with the silver reflection screens and groups of tourists making selfies all over the place. I hope that city hall will keep it this way for a little longer!


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